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Rebuilding Respect For Women seeks to reconstruct the lives of girls and young women through rehabilitation, education, and realistic goal creation…
Rebuilding Respect for Women enables girls and young women to see their self worth through financial stability and independence, assertiveness skills, and healthy lifestyle choices.

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Why Empowering Girls Is Key to Ending Poverty

Sokha, a skinny orphan girl in Cambodia used to pick through garbage to survive. But thanks to series of events, she was able to enroll in school and excel.

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The cost of domestic violence in the U.S. exceeds $8.3 billion annually in lost wages, medical and psychological health care, burial expenses, and child care.

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Fighting for Girls’ Education

Regarding “Girls Who Risk Their Lives for Education” by Gordon Brown (Views, April 9): Just as the fight for civil rights defined an era for America, the current fight for girls’ rights to education comes at a ripe and urgent moment for Asia and the Middle East.

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In every location where we work, Rebuilding Respect for Women is committed to meeting the highest standards for nonprofit organizations, including tax-deductibility where applicable.

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