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I Want to be in Love with Me

I want to be in Love...With Me Program

RRFW believes that young women who love themselves and are confident are better able to thrive and have a lasting impact on the communities around them. Young women who feel good about who they are and are able to express their truths are less likely to fall between the cracks in society and are more resilient in creating positive futures forthem to enjoy. By learning how to love themselves, young women are better able to make good decisions and command respect from others. Likewise, women who are more comfortable with themselves and less affected by negative influences are also better able to respect the people around them and make positive change in those they meet and touch as they grow.

Body Images

RRFW will empower young women to understand their bodies and become proud and comfortable in their own skin. Participants will support each other to better understand their perceptions of their bodies, and why they feel the way they do about their body image. They will work on improving their body image through acceptance and understanding they can control (and change) their perceptions of themselves. Participants will connect with each other on releasing their own insecurities and learn that their bodies are sacred spaces for them to enjoy and explore. They will also learn to respect each other’s different body types and advocate for each other’s own inner and outer beauty. With the aid of licensed social workers, psychologists and group counselors, participants will tackle self-deprecating views and behaviors at an early age and secure a sustainable healthy body image..

Participants will also learn:
  • The different ways people perceive different body types, and how to avoid stereotypes
  • Media’s impact on how people view themselves
  • How to better understand and respect their body types and needs

Assertiveness Skills

RRFW understands young women’s needs for self confidence and harnessing skills on asserting themselves in private and in public in an authentic, positive manner. Participants will work together in a comfortable environment where they will be able to experiment with different ways to claim their growing self-confidence, with tactics such as role-playing, open discussion, and team-building exercises. Participants will also work to harness understanding each other’s differences and how to encourage to support and respect each other’s differences and confidence without resorting to bullying. Participants will work with public speakers, well-respected community mentors and theater professionals to help get a wider understanding of assertiveness and boundaries.

Participants will also learn:
  • The importance of clear communication
  • How to work with others and create positive influences
  • What are boundaries and how to manage them
  • How to speak in larger groups, and in public
  • How to gain confidence in expressing themselves honestly


Bullying is the act of disrespect of others. RRFW believes that girls and young women participate in bullying because they themselves harbor deep insecurities within themselves and are afraid of the confidence and differences exuded by others. Also, bullying can be present when they have not learned how to respect others or themselves. RRFW aims to improve self-confidence while enabling young women to grow respect for each other, and others. Participants will work with each other to understand the power of words and how communicating with each other can influence their confidence. Participants will learn about the many different types of bullying that occurs in adolescence, and life, and how they can support each other to avoid negative peer pressure. Participants will work with counselors, teachers, and community role models to help understand the impact of their words and how to navigate social environments with positive support and respect of each other.

Participants will also learn:
  • How to identify bullying in their communities and social circles and what to do about it
  • Productive ways to alter what groups say about other “outsiders”
  • How bullying happens on social media and networks, and how to avoid it
  • Methods and tools to mitigate bullying to them and others


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