When was Rebuilding Respect for Women founded and by whom?

Rebuilding Respect for Women was founded in Irvington, NJ in 2009 by Wheatonia Malekebu. She identified a lack of respect women were shown around the world, from others and in some case themselves. She decided to establish a new non-profit for women to learn how to respect themselves and therefore gain respect from others around the world.

What is your mission?

In Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States, Rebuilding Respect For Women will seek to reconstruct the lives of girls and young women through rehabilitation, education, and realistic goal creation. Rebuilding Respect for Women will enable them to see their self worth through financial stability and independence, assertiveness skills, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Why are you focused on women?

We believe that Investing in women is very effective in the development of the world.  Women give birth to world leaders, but have yet to be a world leader, and by ensuring they have respect for themselves and commanding it from others, they can someday be world leaders themselves.

Where Does My Money Go?

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, when you make a donation to Rebuilding Respect for Women you can deduct it from your taxes. We will provide you with a letter showing the amount of your tax-exempt donation.

How much of your income goes to grants & programs?

80 percent of the money we raise each year will go to program services. That includes funds that go directly to women through our microcredit program, travel to underserved regions to learn about emerging groups and the salaries of program staff who are on the ground daily ensuring that the programs are making an impact. We will also invest in due diligence to ensure that your donor dollars are well spent.

Where does the rest of the money go?

Of the remaining 20 percent of our budget, 8 percent are costs for fundraising and 12% is costs for overall administration. We invest resources in fundraising so that we can raise more money each year to keep programs running and make necessary changes as needed.

Can my development organization apply for grants from Rebuilding Respect for Women?

No. All funds raised by Rebuilding Respect for Women are utilized for the work of Rebuilding Respect for Women. However, we are always interested in partnering and collaborating with like-minded organizations.

Please contact us with any questions regarding partnerships and collaborations.

Where do I find out about job, internship and volunteer opportunities?

Visit the Get Involved section of our website.

How do I arrange to have someone from Rebuilding Respect for Women speak at an event?

Visit the Contact Us section of our website.


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In every location where we work, Rebuilding Respect for Women is committed to meeting the highest standards for nonprofit organizations, including tax-deductibility where applicable.

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