The current population of Liberia is estimated at 3.995 million. Of that number 50.7% are female. The population of Liberia is growing at an annual rate of 4.2%. The life expectancy for a citizen of Liberia is 58.7 years old. Liberia maintains an annual GNP (gross national product) of $459 million.

Marriage and Birth

Though the official average age of marriage for women is 18 years old, early marriage is a widespread tradition which leaves 36% of women between the ages of 15 and 19 married, divorced, or widowed. Women begin having children at an average age of 19.1.The statistically average Liberian woman gives birth to 5.8 children. One out of every four Liberian women will die during childbirth at some point during their lifetime.

For every 1000 babies born in Liberia, 79.9 do not survive infancy. Of that same 1000 babies, 239 do not live to reach age 5. 41% of the population lives on a diet considered to be acceptable according to standards of nutrition. 68% of people living in Liberia drink from untreated and possibly dangerous water sources. It is especially difficult for Liberians to access clean water during the dry season.


40.8% of Liberian children enrolled in primary school are female. 41.4% of secondary school students in the nation are female. Despite these encouraging numbers, 80% of adult Liberian females are literate.

Women in Government

Now that Liberia is experiencing a time of relative peace and rebuilding, the nation has elected their first female president. Since the time of peace and rebuilding, many coalitions (government and otherwise) have worked to change the government in order to permit more female representation. Examples of recent achievements include converting market stalls into voter registration points which are easily accessible to women during their daily routines. 53% of the national agricultural labor is done by Liberian woman. 77% of working women in Liberia are considered to be self employed.

Here is how we rebuild in Liberia:

Healthy Living

Growing Preparedness

A Second Chance – Rehabilitation


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