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In Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States, Rebuilding Respect For Women will seek to reconstruct the lives of girls and young women through rehabilitation, education, and realistic goal creation. Rebuilding Respect for Women will enable them to see their self worth through financial stability and independence, assertiveness skills, and healthy lifestyle choices.


Rebuilding Respect for Women's vision is for every woman to have unmatched confidence that is independent of any other factors, other than her realizing her own self-worth. With each woman who holds her own self-worth, the world will begin to provide a place where women are respected members of society and are able to successfully create their own futures. Girls will be able to say "no" when they need to, and understand how to take charge of their life in order to accomplish their dreams and goals.

Rebuilding Respect for Women aims to help in accomplishing this future by:
  • intervening in the lives of young girls in their formative years, starting at age 13 and continuing into adulthood;
  • creating a safe haven where girls and young women in need can go, and never fear that they will be judged for what they have had to do to survive; and
  • providing adequate rehabilitation services that enable girls and young women to let go of their past and look forward to a prosperous future.


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In every location where we work, Rebuilding Respect for Women is committed to meeting the highest standards for nonprofit organizations, including tax-deductibility where applicable.

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