The urban city of Newark is located in Essex county in Northern New Jersey and has an estimated population of 281,402 people. The population of the city is changing at an annual rate of 3.3%. 51.5% of the citizens of Newark are female. The average life expectancy for a woman living in New Jersey is 79.6 years old. The median age of marriage in the state of NJ is 27 for women and 29 for men. The average age of first birth for women in New Jersey is 27.2 years old. The average number of children per family in New Jersey is 1.83.

Life Expectancy

For every 1000 babies born in New Jersey, a statistical average of 5.5 babies do not survive infancy. For every 100,000 children born in NJ, roughly 21 do not survive to reach 5 years old. The leading cause of death in young New Jersey children is preventable injury.

Marriage and Birth

Since Newark is a heavily African American community it is important to note that in the US, African American mothers die while giving birth at a rate that is 3.7 times higher than white women. That being said, the average rate of maternal mortality for American women of all races is 13.7 for every 100,000 births.


19% of Newark residents ended their education before 9th grade. Only 28% of the total population of Newark had a high school diploma or equivalent in a 1990 census. 16% of New Jersey residents are illiterate, making NJ the 6th worst state in the nation in terms of literacy. 60% of those graduating with a bachelors or master's degree are female.


50% of New Jersey's workforce is made up of women. In 2006, research was compiled by Rutgers University on the number of women in government per county in New Jersey. Essex county, in which Newark is located, rated unsatisfactory females making up only 9% of elected mayors. In terms of freeholders, however, the county rated satisfactory for having elected enough females to make up 44% of the total number.

Here is how we rebuild in Newark:

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