Slightly more than 47,000 people are residents of Harlem, an urban neighborhood located in the borough of Manhattan. Of that number, 53.5% of residents are female. The population of the neighborhood is decreasing at an annual rate of -1.0%.

Life Expectancy

The current life expectancy for women living in New York city is 82 years and the life expectancy for male New Yorkers is 76.3 years.

Marriage and Birth

The average age for first marriage in NYC is between 30 and 34 years of age. The average age for first time motherhood is 22.5 in New York City, but demographics for neighborhoods like East Harlem point out that the number of women giving birth before age 20 is nearly double there. For every 1000 babies born in the borough of Manhattan, 4.2 on average do not survive infancy. The risk of infant mortality is higher in Harlem than in any other section of Manhattan with an average of 6.3 infant deaths per 1000 live births. The state of New York has the highest rate of maternal mortality than any other state in the union.


In the city of New York, over 1.5 million adults need help reading and comprehending things written in English. Despite that fact, fewer than 60,000 are currently accessing the help that they need. The percentage of adults in East Harlem without a high school diploma is 51% whereas the average percentage for the rest of New York is 36%. Around the nation, only 70% of those enrolled in high school will graduate. 47% of the American workforce is made up of women over the age of 16.

Here is how we rebuild in New York:

I Want to be in Love with Me Program

Healthy Living

Growing Preparedness

A Second Chance – Rehabilitation


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