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Rebuilding Respect for Women (RRFW) will be working throughout the United States with girls and young women. Targeted areas will be: New York City, Newark, New Orleans, and Detroit, domestically. Internationally our target areas will be: Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, India, Iraq, Liberia, Peru, and Zimbabwe. Aiming to work with young females, starting from age nine through adulthood.

RRFW’s Domestic Programs are comprised of four components: I want to be in Love with Me, Growing-Up Preparedness, Healthy Living and A Second Chance. AllRRFW participants will be enrolled in both I want to be in Love with Me, Growing-Up Preparedness, and Healthy Living.

A Second Chance is for participants who are teen mothers, or those who are in need of rehabilitative care. A Second Chance participants will also be enrolled in I want to be in Love with Me, Growing-Up Preparedness, and Healthy Living programs. RRFW has focused on these programs because it feels there is a correlation between the low-levels of respect for women in society and the influence of bullying and ill-prepared young women.

RRFW believes that women who are better prepared as they grow up will be able to gain more confidence and sustain it throughout their adulthood, thus earning the respect of their peers and others. Women should be given the chance and skills needed to handle new experiences in life with enthusiasm, curiosity, and strength.

RRFW believes that it’s never too late. Young women who have had a harder time growing up and have made some potential mistakes deserve A Second Chance. With such high stigma about teen pregnancies and victims of domestic abuse, young women are less likely to gain the confidence they need to improve their circumstances and create a better life for themselves and their families. RRFW will work with these girls to make sure they are not lost in a broken system because they are unable to stand up for themselves and assert the skills they need to excel.


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In every location where we work, Rebuilding Respect for Women is committed to meeting the highest standards for nonprofit organizations, including tax-deductibility where applicable.

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