A Second Chance – Rehabilitation

RRFW’s Rehabilitation Program – A Second Chance – will be provided for those young women who have felt they made mistakes in their lives, such as early pregnancy or drug abuse. Young women who have felt that they have been around the wrong crowd, or have participated in acts they regret – such as bullying – will also have a chance to learn from their experiences and work on positive self growth. A Second Change will also provide safe havens for young women who have survived from abuse or trafficking. Young women will voluntarily join the program and be given a place where they will have the chance to rebuild themselves after their struggles.


RRFW will create a safe space for young women who require affordable housing options. Participants who need the support of a secure,inexpensive place to rebuild their confidence while they work on providing for themselves a better life. Participants will have the safety of complete confidentiality of their location (if they feel threatened orin need of privacy). With the help of social workers, affordable housing representatives, and women’s safe house partners, partners will be provided the means to have a second chance at creating their future in a safe location.


RRFW will provide for young women in need the ability to access resources that will help them in their path of healing. Participants will have the opportunity to confide their thoughts and fears to caring healers.They will also be given the ability to work on acceptance, forgiveness,letting go the past, and manifesting a positive future for themselves.By being able to figure out and resolve their emotional challenges and past regrets, participants will learn perspective and grow respect for themselves. Professional counselors, therapists and psychologists will work with participants on rebuilding their self confidence and strength sothat they can feel better capable of participating in society, and life.

Peer Work

RRFW wants young women in need to be able to find solidarity and support with others in similar situations, thereby gaining confidence and security. By working with each other in group therapy sessions and peer work exercises, participants who otherwise might be unable to let go and open up (for fear of being judged or placed on the outside) will have an opportunity to understand that they are not alone in their journey towards rebuilding self-respect, and that working with others can be essential toself healing. Participants will be given activities that build teamwork aswell as self confidence. They will also be given a non-judging support group that will listen to their concerns and respect their willingness to improve their lives. Professional counselors, group therapists and psychologists will work with participants on creating a positive groupdynamic that encourages participants to reach out and interact with others in confidence.


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