Zimbabwe is populated by over 12 million citizens and has an annual population growth rate of 0.5%. Slightly less than half of the people living in Zimbabwe are female. 42.5% of the population lives in urbanized areas. The urban population of the nation grows at an annual rate of 6.1%. The GNP in terms of PPP in the Congo is $11.19 billion.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy for a person born in Zimbabwe is only 45.4 years. Only 40% of the nation's rural households have access to clean drinking water. Some estimates claim that up to ⅓ of children in Zimbabwe are malnourished. For every 1000 live births, 56.3 children do not survive past infancy; 89.5 do not live to reach age 5. The average person living in Zimbabwe only attends school for 5.4 years out of their life despite the law stating that children must attend school for at least 7 years. currently primary schools estimate that 49.6% of their students are female. Only 37% of females in Zimbabwe are enrolled in secondary school. Less than 3% of females attend tertiary school. 81.5% of Zimbabwe females are literate.

Marriage and Birth

The average age of marriage for women in Zimbabwe is 18.5 years old. 47% of women living in the country of Zimbabwe give birth by age 20. The average woman gives birth to 4 children during her lifetime. Between 1300 and 2700 women in Zimbabwe die each year during pregnancy. An additional 26,000 to 84,000 continue to live after their pregnancies with permanent disabilities.


Since to the economy of Zimbabwe has seen significant chaos in recent years it is difficult to discern accurate workforce statistics. The best estimate is that women make up roughly half of the workforce. 60% of women working in Zimbabwe are in positions considered to be unskilled, 37% are in skilled positions and 2.5% work in highly skilled jobs. 15% of the Zimbabwe parliament is female.

Here is how we rebuild in Zimbabwe:

Healthy Living

Growing Preparedness

A Second Chance – Rehabilitation


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